Athur Kichili Samba Parboiled Rice

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B&B Organics Atthur Kichili samba is a traditional variety of rice. It contains calcium and iron. It is ideal for South Indian meals. It prevents diabetes. It strengthens muscles.

  • AthurKichili Samba is known for its origin and a traditional rice variety that contains a medium glycemic index and suitable for diabetics.
  • The grain resembles citrus fruit called Kitchili (orange hues).
  • This has a unique flavour that enhances the taste of sambar or curry when consumed together.
  • Kichili samba rice is among the lesser-known rice varieties that hold extensive health benefits. Mainly people use it as a substitute for white rice.


  • Highly suitable for diabetic patients
  • Good for the skin
  • Strengthens the bones and muscles

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