Basmati Rice- Brown (Parboiled)

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B&B Organics Basmati Brown Rice is a kind if long-grain rice. It is aromatic with a nutty flavour. This type of rice has a distinctive spicy smell and taste. It is very healthy and a variety of dishes can be prepared using this rice.

The health benefits of brown basmati rice are mainly due to the presence of full bran.

1. It decreases cholesterol. The presence of fiber in this rice decreases cholesterol.
2. It promotes bowel movements and aids in digestion. It helps to move the waste through the digestive tract.
3. Upon eating a small amount itself it gives a feeling of fullness. Hence aids in weight management.
4. This aromatic rice has a lower glycemic index (GI) than regular brown rice. This helps people with diabetes. GI is the measure of the rise in blood sugar after eating a food that contains carbohydrates.
5. It prevents the formation of blood clots. 6. It decreases heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

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