Nila Kudil Ezhil Katti | Natural Coconut Soap

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All soaps are made using pure coconut oil with different natural sources.

Kattralai / Aloe vera Soap

  • It helps to get rid of sweat smell and keeps body in good moisture state

Manjal / Turmeric Soap

  • It has powerful antioxidant activities which helps to reduce the growth of tumor cells of the skin

Thulasi / Basil Soap

  • It acts as good healer for skin and skin diseases

Veppillai / Neem Soap

  • It helps to remove oil agents on the skin and keep refreshed.

Avarambu / Avaram Senna Soap

  • It keeps body with dis-odour and helps to keep the skin softer

Vettiver / Bunch Grass Soap

  • It helps to protect opening the skin on the foot palm

Kuppaimeni / Indian Acalypha Soap

  • It helps to protect skin allergic diseases

Sembaruthi / Hisbiscus Soap

  • It helps to remove marks below the eye and keeps face softer.

Multhani Matti Soap

  • It helps to remove black marks and other marks.

Paapali / Pappaya Soap

  • It helps to have glowing face and have ability to clean dead cells.

Kadalai Mavu / Gram Flour Soap

  • It helps to keep skin softer.