About "NearMiles":

  • NearMiles is an online store that primarily collaborates and sells healthy organic foods, traditional goods, direct farm products and Eco-friendly products. We have wide range of organic groceries from different parts of the country.
  • We are working under different verticals of organic & Eco-friendly to ensure the products for customer satisfaction.
  • We strongly support organic farms that keep our earth and environment pure. Because when we eat pure fresh food to live a better and healthy life.

About Us:

  • We are the part of Quehive Technologies (www.quehive.com) operates on various technology to offer the best services to our customers.
  • We are keenly interested in E-commerce to offer the natural quality products at the best price to our valuable customers.

Our Vision:

  • People have to use organic, natural and grade 1 Eco-friendly product with reasonable prices to lead a life in a better way.
  • NearMiles planning to service around the country. “WE STRIVE TO GET YOU A COMPLETE ORGANIC LIFESTYLE”.
  • We are planning to serve for both consumers and wholesalers.
  • In future, people have to know about products manufacturing, uses of products and raw materials used for making products through youtube channel.


  • In our store, we have a unique menu called "Organic Products". Products listed under this category are entirely organic, which means cultivated in organic and processed in organic ways.
  • Another menu "Bulk order", under this menu people can purchase bulk products with lower cost.

Why NearMiles Products?

  • We test every product in our store as a consumer and then it will be listed. Our products are authentic with reasonable price.
  • We wanted to provide products with pure organic, earth-friendly cleansers, natural supplements and cruelty-free body care products.
  • Our esteemed customer’s value of investment is very concern for us. We provides best quality natural and Eco-household products.
  • Eating Organic is not a Trend, it's a "Return to tradition".

Organic Products:

  • Organically grown produce is raised in organic farms where the soil is not treated with chemicals, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • In the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds.
  • The organic food produce contains minerals, nutrients and medicinal properties. Organic food produce is healthier and tastier.
  • It may have higher nutritional value than conventional food. Which improves good health and conscious living.
  • Eat organic seasonal food, because organic fruits and vegetables growing in that seasons only.